Artist’s Statement

Artist’s Statement

Todji at work

Todji and Gisele’s sculptures are co-created from inspiration, discipline, and international travel adventures in North and South America that ultimately lead to the journey of self mastery within.

Todji Kurtzman Sculpture LLC is a family team that consists of Todji, Gisele, bronze foundry associates, and Todji’s father, senior architect Kenneth Kurtzman.

We offer Todji’s 30 years of professional sculpture experience, Gisele’s diverse creative and technical sculpting and graphic design talents, along with Ken’s 55 years of licensed architecture experience as principle of his own firm Kenneth Kurtzman Architects and Planners LLC.

Todji and Gisele encourage audiences to embrace their own experience and interpretation of their sculpture work.  We have learned more about our own work by what audiences have shared with us about their own experience, than we ever could have created ourselves.  It is our wish that our art inspires others to choose to dedicate themselves to cultivating their talents to the higher service of making the world a more beautiful place for everyone.

Our understanding of our work continues to develop long after we have created the sculpture.  In intellectual terms, our eyes help us to estimate the size and distance of objects by making far away objects look smaller and close objects look bigger. Just as a skyscraper appears to be narrower at the top, or a parent appears to have a little head and eno

rmous legs to a small child; my sculptures give physical form to the ocular phenomenon that happens between the eye and the brain when we view objects that are both close and far away.

Michelangelo sculpted David with a noticeable “forced perspective”, making the head and shoulders of the monument proportionally bigger so that it would appear to have correct proportions when seen from below because it was originally commission to sit in a high location.  Sculptors throughout the ages have employed this forced perspective technique to adjust to the adjustments of the human eye.  In my work, I apply a signature interpretation to this age old technique, executing it with the opposite intent to create the illusion that the subject is so big that it recedes into the distance, yet it is simultaneously small and  right in front of you with a unique expression of dance form that invites your heart to take the wheel, and your mind to recede into the distance.

Todji Kurtzman Sculpture LLC produces bronze and stainless steel public art sculpture for cities, developers and private collectors on a commission basis in all sizes, large or small.  We collaborate with our stakeholders to fulfill project objectives, and we aim to inspire the yet unborn for countless generations.  Our bronze sculptures have a potential 4000 year longevity, and we prioritize delivery on time, on budget, with a unique, universal and timeless sculpture.

Our existing bronze sculpture designs are available, and we also create one of a kind site specific designs for collectors on an individual basis.  The site specific conceptual designs that we develop for public sculpture monuments are rooted in the research I conduct into

local history, can include community participation in the present, and we draw on universal wisdom to serve the future.  Please feel free with questions, we accommodate when we can.

We use traditional hand sculpting techniques combined with state of the art 3D sculpting, 3D drafting, and 3D printing for a smooth digital interface with other design professionals.

We have produced the creative concepts, sculpture, drafting, construction documents, fabrication, engineering, installation, community participation, and all other aspects of the practice for eighteen bronze monuments since 2006.

We work in the mediums of bronze, stainless steel and consciousness. Todji’s sculpting style is iconic, highly recognizable, and we invite you to sing your own winged heart, whether it be a work of inspired art, inspired business, inspired teaching, or whatever it is that inspires you, that through your good work, we all make the world a better place for each other!

Thank you for your interest in our work!
Love and health to you and all,

Todji and Gisele